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Astronaut Vance Brand

Vance Brand  was a test pilot and NASA astronaut.  He was commander of the joint US USSR space mission Apollo Soyuz and flew three Space Shuttle missions on STS-5, STS 41B and STS-35. He had some ideas that I think you might find interesting.

I think that everything that Vance Brand says relates to the book Team Moon. He talks about how everyone had a part to play. Big or small everyone had something to do that was important to the overall mission.

Brand says, “People had to think about what it would be like in space and what you would need.  They had to look ahead to see what you would need.”

He also talks how people had to invent things to help us get to the Moon.  Even the smallest piece of velcro had to be custom made and it all had to be invented and designed. Brand shares the same idea as Catherine Thimmesh , it took 400,000 people to all come together to create this big project. I wonder if there will ever be another huge event or project that takes place in the future, that brings people together to work for a common goal like these missions to the Moon. To get to the moon many agencies, companies, universities, and other organizations must have come together and brainstormed every possible problem that could occur on the Apollo Missions and then think of every possible solution.



Scroll down the following website page to see drawings my grandfather made while he was with the Apollo crew during Apollo Soyuz training in Russia in the 1970’s






Pictures from the Moon

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I feel that the astronauts pictures were worth much much more.  It’s like going on vacation and bringing home photos that you want to show everyone, you show them the photos to help them visualize the place where you were. It was the same with the Apollo crew, but in this case they came home to earth to show the world their pictures.


NASA’s Dick Underwood said to the Apollo 11 crew, “your key to immortality is soley in the quality of you photographs. When the astronauts came home with these photographs people were astounded. These were pictures from out of our world and that made people feel amazed that these pictures came from that huge grey glowing ball in the sky that people gaze up at on a night without stars and until now thought was impossible to reach. And now mankind had gone and visited.


On page 53 in the book Team Moon it explains how the astronauts would come home and be heroes. Everyone who worked on the Apollo project would be so pleased that the project, their project was a success and that they helped get man to the moon and safely back home.

On the Moon the astronauts took pictures that were sent to NASA when they got back.  Dick Underwood an aerospace technician was one of the people that tried to figure out how to debug the film and pictures and kill all the “Moon bugs” that were thought to have been brought back with the astronauts and everything they had. They “decontaminated” the films and quarantined the Apollo crew. I find this very interesting that they were concerned that there might have been Moon contamination on the astronauts and everything they had brought with them home from the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin (1969)






Lunar Module


On page 32 of the book Team Moon, everyone was so excited with their work.  The lunar module had landed on the Moon.  I can’t imagine the excitement that they felt at that moment, a project that they had poured their lives into was now a success!  If I was one of these people I would be jumping up and down cheering!





Space Suit technician Ron Woods

Ron Woods was a space technician during the Apollo program.  My father is friends with Mr. Woods and at Spacefest asked him some questions about his role in the program and his experiences putting the suits on the astronauts.

Follow this youtube link to hear the interview with Ron Woods-

It is interesting to note that Woods is now an artist and his artwork is focused on the Space Program and the Apollo and Space Shuttle space suits.





Spacefest V

Spacefest V was held this past weekend in Tucson, Arizona. It is a convention for people that are interested in space. Astronauts come as do artists, photographers, collectors and others. People come to Spacefest for autographs from astronauts and for things that they collect like paintings meteorites and collectibles.  Another reason is to come to hear amazing authors, scientists, and other speakers who talk about things that are happening in the space world. It creates space enthusiasm and is for both professionals and amateurs in the space community.

Spacefest has many activities such as The Star Party. The Star Party is a event that happened directly after the banquet on Saturday. There are  telescopes set up that people can look at stars and the Moon clearly. Last year when I was at Spacefest I attended The Star Party and I had a opportunity to see Saturn and the Moon up close through a very large and powerful telescope. It was so powerful that I could see Saturn’s rings. It was very interesting and I was amazed at how I was able to see something that was so far away from me.

I attended Spacefest with my family in 2011 and 2010 and had a wonderful time, it really helped me learn more about Space and our universe.





This is a picture of my mother, my sister and me with Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan who was the last man to walk on the Moon.




Questions to be asked


I have been inspired by Catherine Thimmesh, the author of Team Moon and I am going to interview some of the Apollo astronauts and people who were part of the Apollo program.  Like the people in the book these people will be talking about their experiences and how they felt at the time of the Apollo Missions.  Others will be talking about future space travel plans farther than the Moon like to Mars.

Stay tuned, I will have answers to questions that many of you will find interesting posted next week.








To The Moon

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Ian Calle and I am doing a 6th grade English Project by reading the book Team Moon by Catherine Thimmesh which is about interesting people related to the Moon Landings and posting my reactions and thoughts and ideas about the people and subjects in the book.

I think that ever since President John F Kennedy made his speech on September 12, 1962 to challenge our country to send a man to the Moon and bring him home safely, many Americans have been very excited and into Space travel.  I feel that in the future anything can happen with Space exploration like settlements on the Moon, mining facilities on Mars and traveling to other galaxies.  Anything can happen when we put our minds together, we can achieve anything and things that are amazing.  That was the case when President Kennedy made his speech.



Thousands of  people came together under one common goal of Space exploration.  When we finally did make it to the Moon we achieved something that just 10 years earlier nobody could have imagined.  People growing up in the 1940’s and 1950’s could never have dreamed of anything like this happening.  This was like a science fiction book popping out of the old worn pages and into the reality of advanced technology.